Pharmed & Healthcare Vietnam 2024

11 - 14 September 2024
SECC - Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center
Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam

PHARMEDI Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City is the largest trade fair for pharmaceutical and medical devices in Vietnam, where numerous renowned domestic and foreign exhibitors present a large selection from the pharmacy, pharmaceutical and medical industries. PHARMEDI Vietnam is the industry's communication and information platform and offers visitors the opportunity to find out in-depth and comprehensive information about the latest developments, trends, services and products from different areas. In 2023, the trade fair took place for the 19th time with 396 exhibitors from 16 countries and over 8,100 visitors, enabling exhibitors to show their presence on the market, win new customers and make contacts.

There will be a German Pavilion organised by LMI also.

Documents and further details

Market profile

Vietnam's medical technology market is growing unstoppably. According to Fitch Solutions, the market volume is expected to increase from $1.5 billion in 2020 to around $3.6 billion in 2025. This corresponds to an average increase of around 11 percent per year. The reasons for this are increasing demand due to the aging population, growing incomes and the constant expansion of the health insurance system.

Vietnam’s population is aging rapidly, with the number of people aged 60 and above expected to increase from 12.5 million in 2020 to 25 million by 2050. This demographic shift has led to an increase in demand for healthcare services, particularly for chronic diseases that are more prevalent among older adults.

In addition, the rapidly expanding private hospital sector is increasing demand. The country is also investing heavily in expanding the hospital infrastructure and pushing forward digitalization.

With a favorable business environment and supportive government policies, the hospital market in Vietnam presents a significant opportunity for investors and healthcare providers.

Since there are only a few medical technology manufacturers in Vietnam, the country must quickly import 90 percent of the medical products it needs at low tariffs.There is also a great need for the domestic pharmaceutical industry to be able to produce more medicines in the country in the future.

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. The economic heart of the country beats here. Under its old name, Saigon was the capital of the Republic of Vietnam until 1975. In 1976 it was named after the late head of state Ho Chi Minh. Today around 8.9 million people live in the city's administrative area. Ho Chi Minh City is an industrial city, transport hub and cultural center with universities, theaters, historical monuments from the French colonial era and therefore also a popular tourist destination with a vibrant nightlife.

Application materials

Do you have a German headquarter? Feel free to enjoy the special conditions within the German Pavilion.

Within the German Pavilion there are 3 options of taking part:

  • booth with construction
    min 9 sqm starting from 260 EUR/sqm
    (including: 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 lockable sideboard, 1 lockable counter, 1 paper basket, 1 socket)
  • bar space without construction
    min 50 sqm starting from 240 EUR/sqm
  • small booth called information centre (IZ)
    ca. 2 sqm ab 670 EUR pro IZ
    (including: 1 counter, 1 bar chair)

Application deadline: 13 June 2024

Any question? Please feel free to contact Ulrich Briese and Jana Mühler .

Organiser of the fair

ADPEX Joint Stock Company
142 Le Duan, Dong Da, Room 608
Fon: +84 24 3516-2063
Fax: +84 24 3516-2065


Leipziger Messe International GmbH
Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig, Germany

Contact person:

Ulrich Briese
Project Director
Jana Muehler
Project Manager